Web Client/X Change Log
Support for popup menus
Set sp2WCX.ismobile in sp2wcx.html to cause mobile-style menu to be displayed, for example:
sp2WCX.ismobile = /iPhone|iPad|iPod|Android/i.test(navigator.userAgent);
Option to set other items (eg. scaler, fullpageall) conditionally depending on ismobile – see updated sp2wcx.html and user guide
Use container facility to define a different panel on mobile devices using same copy file – see revised example program and user guide
Use editor/generator 5.3.42+ to generate container copy files correctly
sp2wcx.css changed to display message box in middle of browser window (old styling left as comment)
Images scaled up if sp2WCX.scaler set
Problem with autoskip fields within a repeat group
Text wrap in pushbuttons
Multi-line statics and customs
Problem with static at row=0 col=0
Set sp2WCX.hint in sp2wcx.html to control hint display and alt tag setting:
– sp2WCX.hint=”default” or no setting means display hint if Message text set, do not set alt tag
– sp2WCX.hint=”check” means display hint only if Message text set and Message as hint checked, do not set alt tag
– sp2WCX.hint=”alt” means do not display hint but set alt tag if Message text set and Message as hint not checked
– sp2WCX.hint=”checkwithalt” means display hint only if Message text set and Message as hint checked, also set alt tag
– sp2WCX.hint=”both” means display hint if Message text set, also set alt tag
Speed up loading of lists
Generate switch if menu click in another window
Window border = p
Allow window row/col = -1
Allow sp2wcx timeout in seconds (sp2wcx=5s)
Change focus logic so combos do not have to be clicked twice
Check for valid position after centering window
No padding for entry fields if no border
Sunken border = reg border
Protected bitmap pushbuttons not returning when clicked if previous field is return on exit
Sort combo and list boxes
Set numeric field after changing focus sometimes blanks out field
Message timeout
Reset timeout properly
Default cursor and no text selection for list repeats
Save radio/checkbox data as soon as change is made
Menu checkmark
If line-height needed reset it after setting font
Allow for tab character in multi-line text
Title rows controls whether title bar is present
Set Border color to force an entry field for a non-bordered display-only custom field
Foreground color in text buttons
Submenu indicator
Problem displaying message box if no window open
Problem with wait-sw=2
Check for switch on return if select
Allow for blank if zero in dates
Problem with dates and autoskip
Problem with handling internal validation errors
Display-only custom fields not being hidden
Support for wait-sw=2
Line-drawing characters
Problem with panel with no fields
Focus not returned properly on listbox double-click
Stop conversion of listbox double-click to enter
Menu separator
Double-click in listboxes
Not returning correct value when sp2WCX.listhandling = “1”
Still a problem with autoskip on Safari
Login for remote web server
Problem with autoskip in Safari
Select password fields on entry
Problem with  multi-line custom fields
Delete semaphores if error in Linux/Unix
Set sp2WCX.listhandling = “1” in sp2wcx.html to preserve consecutive spaces in list and combo boxes
Set sp2WCX.listhandling = “2” in sp2wcx.html to hide text after consecutive spaces in list and combo boxes (full text will be returned to program)
set-property problem
Still problems with radio and checkbox input in Safari
set autocomplete off
FF error if SP2END=0
New version of dll’s for 64 bit package – sp2wcx.dll, sp2fuj.dll, sp2aco.dll, sp2mfo.dll
Send secure field data properly
Trap double-click in protected items with current color
Problem with system background colors
Problem with retrieving selected items from list box with long item length
Flat border for groups and repeats
Allow for large data in remote web server
Handle long listbox data
Multi-select listboxes
Class for entry fields
Customize fonts using CSS:
Set sp2WCX.styledfonts = {font-id, font-id, …} in sp2wcx.html
Set .sp2fontid#1_#2 {} in sp2wcx.css where #1 is the id of the font and #2 is the scaling factor being used
For example, for font id 22 with no scaling:
sp2WCX.styledfonts = {22};
.sp2fontid22_0 {italic bold 15px arial}
Set SP2AFL=#secs to cause output to be flushed after so many seconds during continuing screen output but no input
Problem with treeview in chrome
Prevent multiline overflow in program Fields area
Greyed out menu items accepting click
Create hidden title bar if sp2WCX.fullpage set so title text can be set
Enhanced display:
– use new version of editor to set WC/X enhanced display property for a panel
– see sample sp2enh.js script provided for panel newexamp
– install sp2enh.js, newexamp.html on web server
– use script to add banners, etc.
– more examples to come
Left justification
Autoskip supported if SP2EDT=1/2
Problem with up/down and return keys in multiline fields
No-border display-only system fields should be displayed with default panel color
Trap server errors – for example:
sp2WCX.fatalerrorhandler = function(fatalerror)
alert(“An error has occurred – ” + fatalerror);
window.location = “about.blank”;
Problem with return on exit fields
Handle tabbing between subpanels
Allow for browser window opened externally
Problem clearing group border
More problems changing group current color
Memory problem in remote web server
Allow for push buttons with group current color
Remote web server not handling large data areas
Return on select fields not returning if contained in current color group
Problem with window positioning
Problem with modifying repeat groups
Problem with aligned statics handling
Problem with color-if-current groups
Erroneous message box related to add-on controls
Scroll bars not displayed in list box in Chrome
Allow group current color to be changed
Set sp2WCX.fullpageall = true to have secondary windows take up whole page
Aligned statics
Centered windows
Window position in pixels
Program data for multiline fields being set incorrectly
Timeout not being cancelled properly
Scrollbars not showing for sbar-sw=r
Handle window change when scrollbar clicked
Color hold groups
Allow click in display-only field within group
Tab first row in repeats
Display-field fd-output=r to refresh image
Enter key press in main panel being taken as input to message box
Color if current groups not being handled properly
Problem with icon Special format handling
Allow for fields with very small widths
Problem with tabbing in IE old versions
Multi-line contents not being returned to server
Check box and radio selections not being returned in Safari
sp2wcxgs replicates sp2wcxgo functionality as a Windows service – run with same command line parameters to install
Allow for long title in message boxes
Stop output if program times out
Problem with justification code
Support icon Special format properly
Allow for fields with zero width
Problem with set-mouse-shape function
SP2CPG=932 (windows) or SP2CPG=SHIFT_JIS (unix) for Shift JIS support
Problem with tabbing and return on exit when multiple panels on page
Images for icon fields with Special format = f not being sized properly
Problem with hidden fields
Problems with national character input
Stop AVC messing up remote web server
Not allowing for national characters in list and combo box selections
Character conversion and font for text buttons
Border=d for bitmap buttons
Secure fields not passing data back in some cases
Borders for bitbap buttons
Problem with compiler-specific dlls (sp2mfo.dll, etc.)
Unix sign handling via SP2CMP config variable
Multiple remote servers supported using:
Click on link generates error in IE and other link definition problem in IE8
Problem with scroll bar positioning within repeat group border
Current highlight being lost during scrolling
Key handling issue in message box
Better font sizing
Support for underline
Secure fields
Problem resetting timeout = t
For link field take color and text-decoration from class if present
Problem creating hrefs
Detect browser preferred language
Problem with delete and backspace in special format fields
Limit input to max length
Hide radio button/check box caption
Hidden fields cause tabbing problems
Display-only entry fields should not be greyed out
Listview support
Problem with & in caption
Add-on controls (treeview, listview, activeX replacements) should return id of field hosting control
File copy functions supported in RWS
Keyboard menu access must be specified in sp2wcx.html because alt key accesses browser menu
sp2WCX.menukey = 17; allows you to use ctrl key – other keys: F11=122, F12=123
Clean up tabbing problems
RWS not terminating properly if user leaves page
Bad data being passed after tab into another panel
Stop erroneous button return after new panel displayed
Problem with quote in field value
Keyboard access to menu via alt key
Problems with UTF-8
Use json2.js if necessary
Problem restoring default bg color for statics in IE
Allow for panel switch when scrollbar clicked
Default group border styled by sp2group class
Problem with numeric special format fields
Problem with wait-sw = t
set-mouse-shape causes immediate output and return
Problem with repeat group borders defined after panel initially painted
Add-on control scripts need to be adjusted to not use the click event if sync=true used
Reduce message line height
sp2WCX.sync=true; means client should wait synchronously for a response from server
This solves the problem with sp2WCX.exenewpage = true; and pop-up blockers
Problem with panels with no tab fields
Group borders not being deleted properly
Return on select list/combo boxes not returning properly
Problem with set-property and sp2-pr-recreate
Scrollbars not showing on multiline entry fields
Allow for multi-line message text
End session before forced crash
Format icon hint properly
Problem with image handling
Set sp2WCX.exenamedpage = true; to use a new html page for programs invoked with sp2-execute-program.
Name of the page should be the name of the program less extension plus .html or extension of current page.
Allow images in link (href) fields
Problem with return on exit fields and immediate return buttons
Click in JS control container must be ignored
Problem with message box keyboard interface
Encode returned data properly
Allow for JS control data up to 32k
Allow for message title longer than text
Problem with display-only pushbuttons
Correct position of radio buttons and check boxes after scaling
Problem with return on exit fields
Allow non-bmp images to be displayed
Create ocx object after sizing container
No overflow for field if width set
Display-only fields not being justified
Allow for status bar when sizing window
Size custom fields properly
Problem with positive numbers in signed fields
Execute-file loads file into new browser window/tab
Query-file allows file upload to server
Field-level font not being used correctly
Embedded | character in field value causing problem
Transparent panels
Hide panel
Handle end or start of panel tab sequence
Handle range, discrete values, required
Set panel color properly if not transparent
Allow click on title bar in IE
ActiveX/Javascript control interface
Grid support
Tabbing problem
Stop text items wrapping
Problem with form feed character in text file in multi-line
Size entry fields properly
Multi-line horizontal scroll
Handle tabbing manually
Text file in multi-line (TEXTFILE=)
Problem with updating display-only fields displayed as static text
Field/panel current color
Panel color not being rendered properly
Window scrollbars if tot-width/height > width/height
Grouped field not behaving properly if no group color
Window size incorrect if menu present and not full page
Problems with grouped fields rendered as statics
Problems with hiding and unhiding icons
Entry fields not colored properly
Problem closing window
Stop statics and groups being duplicated
Detect left/right keys used to move between fields
fd-options-4 = X”04″ means icon is a hyperlink with Help as its href
Allow image to be blanked out
Render some display-only fields as static text (uibvwcx-vputw)
Message line and basic atatus bar support
Don’t automatically select protected fields
Click on icon in group must move focus to group
Problem with key input in message boxes
Return on click in entry field with return on select
Click on button not returning previous field in last-fld-id
Problem with menus if toolbar present
Allow for bmp2jpeg numbering scheme
Group title
Problem with hidden custom fields
Still problems with size children to fit functionality
Javascript restructured to avoid name clashes – please note changes to sp2wcx.html:
var sp2warning = “?”; -> sp2WCX.warning = “?”;
var sp2endpage = “?”; -> sp2WCX.endpage = “?”;
var sp2fullpage = ?; -> sp2WCX.fullpage = ?;
var sp2scaler = ?; -> sp2WCX.scaler = ?;
var sp2application = “?”; -> sp2WCX.application = “?”;
var sp2wcx = “?”; -> sp2WCX.exe = “?”;
var sp2imagedir = “?”; -> sp2WCX.imagedir = “?”;
onunload=”unloadit()” -> onunload=”sp2WCX.unloadit()”
onload=”loadit()” -> onload=”sp2WCX.loadit()”
Other changes:
Treeview support
Allow wrun2=allothers rather than listing all executed programs (see below)
Size children to fit not working properly
Problem with panels with no fields
Correct sizing of tabs
Generate national character codes
Allow for button click on another panel
Position group borders correctly
Problem with panel colors
sp2WCX.exenewpage = true; in sp2wcx.html means start secondary process in a new window/tab
Problem with tabbing into windows from other processes
Problem closing window and immediately reopening it
Problem with js timeout code
Still a check box problem in IE
Program not terminated if page exited while a message box being displayed
Listbox selections not being trapped properly
Radio and check box click not detected after program control return
Allow for new lines and quotes in statics
Problem with message box if no windows open
Allow click on display-only fields in color contiguous groups
Scale default fixed font
Scale custom fonts (special text fonts not yet scaled)
Field level fonts
Hidden fields
Field colors and color changes
Still a problem with program control fields in IE
Radio and check box deselections not always recorded properly
Combo and list box selections not always recorded if keyboard used
Allow return on exit even if no other tab fields in panel
Long combo and list box data
Push button text change
Handle program control fields properly
Problem with buttons in conjunction with program control fields
Allow remote application server – see readme
Problem with closing down app with open windows
Problem with positioning windows with menus
Better spacing for menu options and submenus
Problems with tabbing
Support multiple processes using sp2-execute-program
There must be an entry in sp2wcx.ini matching the program you’re trying to execute
For example, if you’re executing myprog2.exe, the entry could be:
Delete-menu causing JS error
Problem with display-panel
Support multiple windows with menus
Must delete submenus when menu deleted
Handle menu option functions
Handle blank panel properly
Occasional problem terminating process after leaving page
New panels being erroneously created if panel initial-sw set
sp2imagedir var is directory containing images (include trailing slash)
Rounded borders not being rendered correctly
Problem with numeric formatting
Problem with display-window
sp2wcx var should contain full path to sp2wcx executable