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All programmers understand that in order for any software company to continue to maintain their software products, continually enhance their products, provide technical support services and provide funding for their general operations, the company needs to have a revenue stream.

Some companies choose to fund these activities by charging fees for upgrades to their software and charging “per incident” technical support service fees.

Flexus does not do either.

Instead, Flexus offers a very reasonably priced, fixed annual fee to cover version upgrades and support.

Software companies which attempt to provide software, solutions and support without regard to revenue, are not able to remain in business very long. Thousands of companies rely on Flexus for advanced features in their business applications every day. Flexus has been in business since 1986 and fully intends to continue to provide the solid, reliable and modern solutions which our customers have come to rely upon for their own application development.

Some customers actually expect us to provide version upgrades and support services without remuneration. If we were to do that, it would be unfair to all of our customers who have purchased development licenses, server licenses and pay our annual maintenance fees.

Our fees are extremely modest. For a very reasonable annual fee, our customers receive:

1. unlimited e-mail technical support services;

2. unlimited software version upgrades through our Sharefile FTP server;

3. unlimited access to our Flexus Forum customer discussion forum;

We believe that our annual maintenance program is one of the best values in the software industry.

We work very hard to keep our customers’ cost of deployment very low. That provides a lower cost of operation for companies who only use our software in-house and a higher level of profitability for our customers who re-sell their business applications developed with our tools.

Additionally, our customers are allowed to upgrade their server licenses for our Thin Client and Web Client products by simply paying the difference in price from the lower level license to the higher level license. No alternative upgrade pricing policy could be more fair to our customers than that.

If you have any specific questions on the Flexus Annual Maintenance program, we would be pleased to provide an answer. Please feel free to call us or contact us by e-mail if we can be of assistance to you.

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