TCPSimple Add-on

Add on Software for the Flexus COBOL Tools

Many of our customers applaud our introduction of the various add on tools

for our base development tools because it allows them to pick and

choose which features and components they want to implement.  This

allows us to maintain a high standard of quality and reliability

for our base products and avoid the serious problems associated with “feature

bloat” commonly found in products which attempt to support for as

many features as possible in a single development tool.

TCPSimple Add on – Requirements:  COBOL sp2 and the ActiveX Add On

TCPSimple provides support for creation and use of basic

TCP/IP socket connections for communication via TCP/IP based networks.  TCPSimple does NOT handle encapsulation of popular

internet protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3 etc.  It does not

handle secure sockets or SSL and is not aware of HTTP tunneling or

proxy servers.  What it does do however, is give you simple, easy

access to socket based communications by handling selected portions

of the interface to the Windows Winsock2 API.  TCPSimple can be used to implement basic Socket Clients

and servers, and allows two way communication over

TCP/IP Sockets.

One interesting feature when you use the control

with COBOL sp2 is that you can setup the control to listen for a

connection and then continue your normal processes.  An event will

be fired when a connection is pending, allowing you to manage the

connection when it is required, but still continue to process other

aspects of your application without “waiting” endlessly for a connection.