AdvLineP Add-on

Add on Software for the Flexus COBOL Tools

Many of our customers applaud our introduction of the various add on tools for our base development tools because it allows them to pick and choose which features and components they want to implement.  This allows us to maintain a high standard of quality and reliability for our base products and avoid the serious problems associated with “feature bloat” commonly found in products which attempt to support for as many features as possible in a single development tool.

AdvLineP Source Code Add on – Requirements:  COBOL Form Print and COBOL sp2
(a COBOL FormPrint-only version is planned for future release)

AdvLineP provides support for advanced line printing emulation in a Windows environment.  AdvLineP automatically scales reports to fit on a page, taking up the maximum available space and properly scaling the fonts so that the desired number of lines and columns are properly displayed.

This means that a 132 column, 88 line report can be printed on legal size (A3) paper or on a postcard with no change in any source code.

AdvLineP Supports:

  • Simulated green bar printing, if desired.
  • User selectable preferences for printing and is fully customizable as to which preferences are displayed for the user – if any.
  • Specification of how and where the user preferences are stored.
  • The print preview functionality of COBOL FormPrint.
  • Specification of font face to be used.