SMTPSimple Add-on

Add on Software for the Flexus COBOL Tools

Many of our customers applaud our introduction of the various add on tools for our base development tools because it allows them to pick and choose which features and components they want to implement.  This allows us to maintain a high standard of quality and reliability for our base products and avoid the serious problems associated with “feature bloat” commonly found in products which attempt to support for as many features as possible in a single development tool.

SMTPSimple Add on – Requirements: COBOL sp2, and the ActiveX Add on, Accessible STMP server

SMTPSimple allows you to send email messages from your COBOL application. It encapsulates the SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol), which is the primary method of sending email messages across the Internet. SMTPSimple supports file attachments, CC (carbon copy), BCC (blind carbon copy), and multiple recipients.