Active X Control Add-on

Add on Software for the Flexus COBOL Tools

Many of our customers applaud our introduction of the various add on tools for our base development tools because it allows them to pick and choose which features and components they want to implement.  This allows us to maintain a high standard of quality and reliability for our base products and avoid the serious problems associated with “feature bloat” commonly found in products which attempt to support for as many features as possible in a single development tool.

ActiveX Add on – Requirements:  COBOL sp2

The COBOL sp2 Active X Control Add-on has been continually developed over time, starting with VBX control support many years ago.  It has been refined over time and works extremely well with your COBOL application.  The Active X Control Add-on supports OLE Automation in addition to ActiveX controls.  This allows automation control of COM servers such as MS Office tools such as MS Word and Excel.  It extends the COBOL sp2 user interface capability by allowing use of any one of tens of thousands of ActiveX controls.

Announcing a new Add-on: Controls and Scripting Add-on

This package contains three add-ons rolled into one, as follows:
1. ActiveX:   The most current version of sp2 support for ActiveX, COM and OLE.
2. DotNet:  Newly released support for DotNet classes.  It may be worth considering the use of SPS (see below) to interface with DotNet classes rather than native COBOL calls to COBOL sp2 because it is generally much simpler.
3. SPS:  Newly released support for sp2 script which can be used to handle DotNet classes (in conjunction with or independent of sp2 panels) or regular sp2-based UI’s.   This support is currently in beta because improvements are still being made, especially in the area of syntax checking, but the runtime component works well with valid script code and is ready to be used.   SPS cannot currently be used to handle ActiveX controls but such support could be developed if demand exists.