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Thank you for visiting the Flexus COBOL Tools Web Site. On this site, you will find a wealth of information about the most powerful compiler independent tools available to COBOL programmers.  Browse through the Products & Downloads menu option above to view the many powerful and flexible compiler-independent tools offered by Flexus.  If you would like to obtain a free evaluation version of some of the Flexus COBOL Tools, browse the Products & Downloads menu option above to locate the download page to get your free evaluation version of the most powerful and flexible COBOL compiler-independent tools available.

Flexus is a Global Partner with Fujitsu’s Application Modernization Center!

Migrate Your COBOL Application to Add Value!

Flexus also offers very low-cost, automated conversion services.  Our conversion services can help you quickly and inexpensively accomplish:

– Convert your character mode application to a GUI application;
– Convert your application to run in a different operating system;
For more information on the Flexus Automated Conversion Services, visit the following link:

Migration and Conversion Solutions

Additionally, you will find useful information and resources for professional COBOL programmers.